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What is Bibox Token (BIX)?

Bibox is an AI enhanced-encrypted digital asset exchange platform. The founding team is formed by top tier Chinese blockchain & Crypto giants. The team includes co-founder of OKCoin and other core founding members from, which are two largest Bitcoin exchange platforms in China even across the world.

The Bibox Token (BIX) is a Crypto Currency built by the Exchange. When you hold this BIX Token in your Bibox account you receive rewards / dividends on your holdings. Holding BIX has a lot of other great benefits aswell, like the privilege to use new applications, trading fee discount, rewards & more.

About Bibox Calculator

The aim of this Bibox Token Calculator website is to provide an easy & simple to use Bibox Reward Calculator, the actual BIX Market Price & other useful things. Bibox Exchange is growing to one of the biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges out there. I think this Bibox Calculator Website is great to support the Community and spread the word about the Bibox Token (BIX)!

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First you must buy Bitcoin on Coinbase for example. Use this Link, so we both get 10$ when you're purchasing Bitcoin worth over 100$. After you bought Bitcoins, you must transfer / send them to your Bibox Wallet. On Bibox you can then buy your BIX Tokens with your Bitcoins.
You have to hold your BIX Tokens in your Bibox Account and trade at least once a week.
Our Bibox Calculator takes the 24hour volume of the Bibox exchange and multiplies it by the trading fees. We use your input to make a calculation based on the information Bibox provides.
This example is provided by Bibox: "The net profit of this week is 100BTC in, if you hold 130000BIX, you will receive (130000/130000000) *30%* 100BTC = 0.02BTC per week. If the trading amount and operating costs of the platform stay the same, you will get 1.04 BTC a year."
You can checkout the official Website of the Bibox Exchange at
You can contact me via twitter @N1njaWTF. Always open for criticism / suggestions to make this site better!